Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ping pong

Popped into the city centre yesterday to get some birthday cards for my brother and sister, though unfortunately couldn't find anything which I liked. So it looks like I will have to return again to the centre to try again, though at least I've got plenty of time. Bumped into several people who I haven't seen for a while, first person that I saw walking down the High Street from MVC was Caroline. I just about recognised her in her new gothic look. So we had a fairly long chat on the seats outside of Boots about life in general, work and of course the love life. I got interrupted about half way through the conversation when Squirt phoned, and after repeated calls and messages I went towards WHSmith to meet him and his bro. We popped down to the Impy for a quick afternoon drink and after much discussion about whether we should eat something, we decided not to. All three of us returned to the city centre and went out seperate ways. I was still starving so I thought I'd make a head for the nearest Subway for a bite to eat, and on the way through the Guildhall literally flew past Ines with her bags of shopping.

Later on the in the evening went to the Three Fat Fish for a few drinks with all my friends, though to be honest they're more likely family now (alright Dad!).
Squirt wimped out, something about having to work in the following morning....pah feeble excuse. Lots of questions were directed to me about marriage and where I shall go next for my holiday, see what I mean by them being more like family. Whilst I was planning to go back to China this year, am not sure it's going to happen at the moment. I also had to answer questions about if I had been in contact with the Cambodian girl that I met at the Duty Free shop at Siem Reap airport and also when the Chinese girl would come to the UK as they all want to meet her. Eeeek time to quickly change the subject...

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