Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Keystone cops

Didn't really have a proper lunch today as I spent a fair amount of my time talking to my ex gf, which actually went better than I thought it would. We've not been getting on particularly well for the last week and a bit I guess for various reasons I won't discuss. I hope things improve from now onwards, as it's not been fun this last week.

Decided to go over to the University supermarket which still surprises me by being recently renamed KeyStore to grab a coffee and sit on the benches outside. I joined a table with some foreign students learning English and a few minutes later Kellie pops up and joins me after sending me a few abusive text messages. She always sends me abusive messages when she has to walk more than a 100 metres or so, especially if it's up hill. Todays abuse was something along the lines of muppet!

Kellie went into the supermarket to get her usual giant sized baguette and latte. A few minutes later the rest of the Compass team joined us to feast and admire the splendid views. The views were much better than the dismal views in the Imperial yesterday and at least there were a few people we knew especially the ones with interesting faces!

Kate was the first to leave as she had to do some training in the afternoon, though she did bump into someone with a nicely fitting suit. A few minutes later I received this text message from her.....

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