Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hectic Saturday

Well it's Saturday night and I feel quite tired for some reason. I spent the best part of the morning cleaning the house ready for my bro and his family to come down to Exeter for the weekend. I also managed in between cleaning to have a nice chat with my girlfriend today, think we must have been on the phone for around an hour or so. I didn't realise when I phoned her yesterday that she had to pay for receiving the call. Still it was a pretty enjoyable conversation and I'm sure we've got quite a lot to talk about in the future.
I picked Ugy, Dylan + Astrid up from the train station at around 2pm or so and brought them home. I gave Dylan his slightly late birthday present, which he wasn't too interested in playing with at the time as he had discovered the TV remote controls. Though the bear did seem to grow on him later in the day.

I then had to head back into town to meet Seumus to have a chat at Costa.

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