Sunday, September 04, 2005


Got a text message from Judit today to meet up for coffee this afternoon at the Boston Tea Party. I must have got into town at around 3pm or so and decided to waste a bit of time wandering round the city centre. I was getting a bit bored as most of the shops were closing at around 4pm and decided to wander towards the cathedral as you do and who was there but none other than Dawn French.

I overheard some people mention it was some special service for some cancer thingy, perhaps a cancer charity organisation. I must eavesdrop better next time to find out what's going on.

This is the best photo I managed to take at the time as Dawn had a habit of looking in a different direction whenever I got close or someone getting in the way when I was taking a snap. Still I'm quite happy with the shots I managed to take and for those interested I'll put some better quality ones up on my website.

I then headed off to meet Judit and John at the BTP for a cup of coffee.

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