Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FLAC off

Well what can one say about a fairly uneventful day at work, mainly consisting of updating some videoconferencing webpages, sorting out a few techie things in XFI, giving some IT advice and taking some photographs of a lecture theatre. I guess the most interesting thing from today must have been removing a couple of CDs from a CD player that fell out of the drive tray for someone from the ELC. It's not as if the CDs were especially good, unless you like Whitesnake and Foreigner. Still a job well done by Gary and myself.

Popped down to the Impy at lunchtime as the Ram is closed for two weeks with fellow chavs Gary and Kellie for a spot of lunch and a drink. We were too lazy to walk down to the Imp, so we went down in the Kevmobile with twin exhausts at faster than light speeds. Quite amazing for a car that has two baby seats in the back. Once at the Imp it was straight to the bar for a half of Guinness, bottle of Cobra and some Abbot Ale. We admired the magnificent views for all of ten minutes or so before ordering a rare sirloin steak, Belgium waffle and apple pie. Unlike previous days Kellie wasn't feeling as hungry as usual and just had a Belgium waffle, she was even lucky enough to have some parsley on her waffle. I was trying to avoid Gary rolling his peas at me. We returned to work after we were all satisfied with our feasts and much staring at dodgy moustaches and Weatherspoon's employees!

Later had to explain about FLAC files and where to find the relevant download in order to play the files with winamp. I suppose it's better than explaining that DVD-R is the same as DVD MINUS R. There are just some people you can't do anything with....

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